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According to recorded medical news, the first human documented case of HIV dated back in 1959. But the estimation of genetic analysis that was published in 2008 stated that the virus originated as early as 1884 to 1924. Luc Montagnier of France Pasteur Institute isolated the virus in 1983.bästa frisör varberg

The question is why there is a virus called the Human Immunodeficiency Virus? Many lives have been claimed by this virus and the most damaging aspect of having this is not the illness itself but the discrimination from people around the infected person.

HIV kills not only the physical body’s immune system but it sucks the totality of life of the infected person. It kills his mental, emotional and social well being. Even though he is still living he is already dead. These are the fatal consequences of having HIV.

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Sadly despite the grim effects of this killer virus, many are living in promiscuity without thinking about the harsh consequences. Many subscribe to the hedonistic lifestyle of ‘eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you will die’. In fact this saying has been rephrased to ‘Eat, drink, have sex as much as you want and be merry for tomorrow you will die’. This is so disheartening! It seems like living in promiscuity is the new normal! How many more lives have to end? Before people who are into casual sex and drug addiction stop throwing their lives away.

The estimated number of people infected by HIV ( get your home HIV test here) is 34.2 million globally. The effect on someone’s immune system is fatal! Medical reports show, that HIV attacks the very core of someone’s immune system, which is called the T-Helper lymphocites, which commonly fights a viral infection. The receptors on these cells turn up to permit viral RNA to enter the cell. This causes the affected person to have mouth sores, cough, diarrhea, rapid weight loss that results to sulkeness.  These effects usher more complications that leads to death.

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The increasing number of infected persons globally is relentless according to home medical test review website. The cure for this killer virus is still on the process, there is one person though who underwent the stem cell transplantation in Berlin, 6 years ago. Medical scientist can develop a cure for the lethal HIV in different ways. It could be from stem cell transplantation, vaccines and many others. Is it enough to save lives? Yes it is enough to save the physical existence of an HIV patient. How about the patient’s mental, emotional and social well being? Does vaccine, stem transplantation cure that? Ask yourselves?

What then is the best way not to have HIV? Abstinence! It sounds very idealistic in this age where casual sex is very prevalent and having more than one sex partner is the new normal for many people. Despite the saddening news of many fatalities of AIDS, many people don’t seem to care about throwing their lives away and allowing their dreams to slip away because of promiscuity.


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